Friday, July 31, 2009

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i think, i should get back more to my personal life, tis include: blogging

Friday, December 26, 2008

meeeerrrrryyyyy christmas !

HoHoHo ~ this is my first year of celebrating christamas eve at the different country, and the first time with my auntie too XD

Well, during last year the whole gang of us experience the most memorable ever christmas eve... yea i can say that it is very wonderful nite, all of us happily together - play together, laugh together, sleep together as well. We really can feel the warmthness, the feeling of christmas in a cold region. Just forget the sudden, unhappy experience happen to us.

Wokay...this year christmas, is really really fantastic for me =)

During the christmas eve, the uncle and auntie went to orchard road

Hopefully, my friends at my hometown can get the clear picture of it from the photos above. Yeap, it is very CROWDED !! Lots of people there, most of them also like us, want to experience the feeling of christmas eve at there.

Oh almost forgot here, they are having snow spray party at there too ! Typical snow spray party, everybody was crazy, those who are holding the snow spray, will do this typical steps:

1) Simply aim for anyone (especially leng luis and couple), then will anyhow say "Merry Christmas !"

2) Then, they spray at you

3) After that, they laugh

4) For those who wanna counter-attack, "war" happens =p

This makes me remember what i have done exactly the same during my 15 and 16 years old ... well, actually is very fun and memorable also, just that now i prefer "peace" ^^

Alright, these are the photo of us!

- the christmas eve year 2008 -
-the christmas ~ to be continue -

Monday, December 22, 2008

my BABYhood ^^

I was spending my school vacation in my HOME SWEET HOME (malaysia),
suddenly i just simply get an idea to find the past year photo albums to have a look.

Basically those are my photos with my family members, when i was small.

Anyway, i spotted on this album, a very special 1, for me.
Let the few photos of the album to tell you what is so special about it =)

yeap...this is ME !

when i was....still a BABY?

17 years ago....(i am 1 year old that time !)

perhaps...i still dunno how to smile yet =p getting better ^^

and the cheerful 1 !

hey, the penguin is so heavvvvvvvyyyyyy

this is the another rabbit for me

oh yea, my mum said she help me to do make up before when i was still a baby (so photogenic right? muahaha )

well, same with the other babies, i like to play on my ownself too !

this is my master bedroom !

my mum...that time i was BOTAK !

dad and me at the Cameron Highland

my grandpa...he looks very strong and fit lo !

poor grandpa...he is the one who accompany me to play while the others are sleeping...

my grandma...with my cousin brother and sister

3 of us with grandpa

WOOHOO ! children's favourite : slide

The feeling of looking on myself when i was still a small baby is very special...Its so much difference compared to that time and now. Yeap is very very very memorable of course. =)

I start my life journey since that moment, learn everything 1 by 1...until now. For my parents, the presence of me in this world definitely bring them a big change in their lifetime, and not only parents, my grandparents and my relatives too.

From a small little one, to a complete one - the living cycle

"Actually i also cannot recognize myself when i look at the photos, what you guys think? =p"

Sunday, November 30, 2008

INTURAC challenge [28-29th November]

INTURAC - Intergrated Urban Adventure Challenge

This is a national level competition for all the UG (uniform groups) in Singapore. For this competition, SP Rovers have sent two teams, the team 1 which consider of the Seniors and team 2 which consider of the Juniors. The challenge will be last for 2 days 1 night and different set of skills will be testing us. Oh yea, this competition is mainly open for the post-secondary institution students, so mainly the participants are teenagers like us. =)

The challenge begins...let the PHOTOS do the speak up !

Water parade from the both team before the race start - YUM SENG !

JIAYOU for all of us ~!!

Everyone is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeady ?

Get set.... GO !!

The Arena 1

At this stage, we have to completed 5 different principles before we can proceed to the next arena. The 5 principles will be the MENTAL STRESS, ABSEILING, ROCK CLIMBING, KAYAKING and RAFTING.

During the MENTAL STRESS (in the end we fail all the test, perhaps we have NO BRAIN? =p )

Me and Xinwei planning for the route and strategy...

while Stanley and MinYang are doing the ROCK CLIMBING

JIAYOU for both of them !

Next we go for KAYAKING

For the KAYAKING, we have to kayak to the given point of destination and travel back to the land, against the WAVES of the sea

After that, here comes the ABSEILING - like those S.W.A.T team jump from the building like that?

Wokay, here we done 4 disciplines already, still left the last one - RAFTING. This station is very crowded. We have to queue for quite a long time, waiting for the previous teams to finish theirs.
Meanwhile, we take a rest and capture a photo of ours too ! ^^

In the same time, we plan our raft design while looking the other teams building it. Then our turn has come.

Here it is, our very OWN raft !

We have to put our raft into the sea and prove them that it can works well

For the bonus points, we try to ride on the raft and travel to the specific place.

Finally we cleared the Arena 1. With some dissapointment from the RAFTING and , the other teams have already move ahead to Arena 2 for quite a long time ago. We left behind many teams and we have to catch up with them. TIME is crucious for us now.

The Arena 2 - Biathlon.

2 people have to ride on bicycles and another 2 have to run to the next checkpoint- all of us have to reach there IN THE SAME TIME.

We are absolutely the FLYING PEOPLE. We run our best speed and eventually overtake 3-4 teams before our DINNER STATION. ( Energy Gel really rox man ! XD ) Well, other teams may feel that we are a bunch of crazy people, but who cares ? =p

The DINNER for us - mainly are carbohydrates...oh yea, we got MILO too =)
Besides EATING, we have to clean our shoes because inside got plenty of SANDS...(the souvenirs from the sea ! )

The journey continues...we have to walk / run to the next checkpoint towards the city. This time, our techie - Sharon join us for this stage, with her laptop...

We overtake 2 teams again without a problem...When come near to the Suntec City, we saw a team infront. AS USUAL we try to overtake them. This time they choose to compete with us. The both teams race among each other...From Suntec City we run through Citylink Mall and Esplanade to the next checkpoint. (imagine TWO bunches of people running in the shopping centre ? )

Haha, along the way i can see the other people stunned at there and some people do encourage us too. =) Finally we overtaked that team ! Poor Sharon is having difficult time during the "race".
"( i feel very sam tong when see her gasping for air and nearly collapse, i really feel like want let go my hand, let her walk slowly instead of running with us )"

We have to complete either 2 or 3 disciplines in Arena 2, which is Navigation, Herritage and First Aid. We managed to complete 3 of them. For us this really not a big deal for us, especially for the Herritage ! ( FRIENDS are very important to us at that moment, when you need information about the history, just PHONE CALL your friends to help you search ONLINE =p)

The group photo of us infront of one of the herritage (as the question requested us to do so)

After that, we go to our camping site...and we gonna sleep there before the next day start...the time is around 12 am.

Day 1 ended

The Arena 3
We wake up on 4am, and the journey starts on 5 am. After everything is ready, the teams have do to depart in a seperate time (based on the Day 1, depends on which team reach the camp site earlier ) The buffer time between the previous and next team is 5 minutes. We managed to depart at the 4th position.

Come to this stage, we have to plan our route and strategy properly as we cant afford to waste any single of minutes. In this arena, we have to complete 2 disciplines.

The 1st discipline is Herritage - around the Chinatown
"For the 1st discipline, i did admit that i really pissed off. Maybe i am aiming too much for the points. I didn't realised that everyone is tired physically and mentally. The sleeping time for us is really kinda short, and we have not sleep well too. At this moment my emotion really is not steady as i think."

Another group photo - as the question requested again >.<

Anyway, after that everything seems going alright. We are moving to the 2nd discipline. ( i managed to chill up on the way ^^ )

Here we reach the last discipline. We are kinda shocked when we know about the things we gonna to do.

Look at the photos below, make a guess what we are doing :
Get the whole idea of what are we doing already?

How long is the distance? Not that much, is just around 1 or 2 km ONLY ma.... =.=

Here we come to the FINAL checkpoint of the competition...

"At this moment, we can really get the feeling of being completed the race. The cheers and encouragements from the crowd, and SP Rovers Team 1 which completed earlier than us. Proudly we brought back our "casualty" to the checkpoint SAFELY, with the great efforts from each team members, this prove that WE CAN DO IT ! =)"

We are representing the Singapore Polytechnic Rovers Crew !

me and Sharon auntie XD

the great Smile ~

The awaiting moment...when we see the trophies

The prize giving ceremony starts...after the speech from the minister and some video show, they start to announced the winners...
Guess what ??? Our team has turned up as the First Runner-Up !

me during the prize giving ceremony

SP Rovers Team 2 ROXXX !! (we are the scouts, YES, SCOUT rox too ! )

The another good news we received is the SP Rovers Team 1 (senior team) has become the CHAMPION for this competition ( Inter-Institution category )

The both team have become the biggest winner for the competition !
After the ceremony ends...CELEBRATION ??

Victory photo ~ ( is little bit looks wrong la, but still who cares ? =p)

- End of the two precious days -
" From this competition, i realise that if you believe that you can, you really can do it ! haha...i do gain lots of experience from the challanges i have in this 2 days. A great teamwork really can do something which is seems impossible. Honestly speaking, for a long time i never step up to the prize giving ceromony to receive a prize/award already...since early Form/Sec 4 i think. I almost totally lost confidence to my ownself after my downfall during the painful upper secondary school life. After everything that happened in this two days, i slowly start to believe my ownself, trust my ownself and appreatiate my ownself again..."